lonely. i am so lonely.

i have decided that there is nothing more lonely then eating by yourself. especially eating out by yourself. now that’s just depressing.

who likes crazy people?
who likes really crazy people?
who like psycho people?

weird things happen late at night on missions trips. that would be just one of them.

10 thoughts on “lonely. i am so lonely.

  1. Hey now I just happen to do this once or twice a week. I found the remedy to eating out alone is to talk to someone on the phone the entire time. OK so its a little depressing. But you gotta eat, and its not my fault I only have like 2 friends in Rochester.

  2. I know what you mean about eating alone by yourself. Because I had a crazy work schedule at school, I ended up eating most of my meals by myself. It wasn’t much fun at all, but I found that meals didn’t take so long to eat when you aren’t talking half the time. 🙂

  3. I noticed that everybody that has commented so far are people that weren’t on the trip and probably think you’re so weird because of the “psycho” thing. So since nobody is going to comment on that I’m going too since I know what happened and can relate. I’ll stay away from the whole “eating out alone” and focus in one the other part of your entry. That was a crazy night and I enjoyed it – although I was a little concerned when David started going off like that in a weird voice. Anyways good times and great memories and who knows . . . maybe next year?

  4. i dunno…for me it tends to be more like when i’m depressed i eat (alone) instead of when i eat alone i’m depressed- but then again i could be depressed BECAUSE i’m eating alone but ultimately i think being depressed causes me to eat (and usually-alone).

    oh gosh, i could talk myself in circles.

  5. I don’t mind eating out alone – I just bring a book and give the waiter dirty looks for disturbing my reading just to ask silly questions, like “Are you enjoying your meal?” or “Would you like more water?”

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