Betty Botter bought some butter

ketchup was yesterday. martha stewart was today. yes, as i made cookies this afternoon, i had almost convinced myself that i could be the next martha stewart. until i realized that i hadn’t put enough butter in and i had doubled the sugar. who does that anyways?

it reminds me of the time that i attempted to make snickerdoodles. i doubled everything except the flour. lets just say it ended up being snickerdoodle all over the oven and not at all in a cookie shape when it was done baking.

not only can i not bake, i can’t clean either.

remember the time i cleaned the whole bathroom with shout? now that’s just stupid. i do want to say that i used shout correctly the other day… i was so proud of myself.

never mind. maybe i’ll dream about something else. martha stewart’s just not working for me.

5 thoughts on “Betty Botter bought some butter

  1. I think that they were very good. Maybe a diferent taste but that is good
    for us to take diferent tastes. Right!
    You will get the hang of it someday. And i don’t care if it comes
    soon or not. But i liked them: )
    And i meen alot!

  2. hahahaha….shout?and i thought II was bad…lol

    although i can’t bake either…i tend to create some funny stories while attempting a ake or even a simple boxed desert…ahhh, someday we’ll get it.


  3. louissa- i just read your post about eating alone- I’m a little late responding, but I must say that I think you’re really missing out by not loving the experience of dining alone. haha. the other day I had the best day by myself running errands throughout canton, making copies of pictures and then eating at my new favorite chinese diner. it was great because I was able to eat at my rather slow pace and read this awesome book while taking fun notes (gosh, I’m such a nerd… I’m actually in love with finding literary elements and whatnot)! Now whenever I try to read while dining with other people, they say it’s rude. *sigh* =P If you’d ever like to dine alone together, just give me a call. 😉 haha

    oh, and julia did that crazy people chant the other day on our trip and well, she really scared us. lol you really should tell her not to say it randomly in public! 😉

    and I guess being transparent isn’t too bad… right? At least people know when I’m sincere about things and whatnot… hm…

  4. haha do you need me to come and wash dishes and read cleaning labels for you?? nah… it was fun talking tonight. hope you had fun with ryan and danica.

    love you!

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