my mum and i listened to diana krall as we drove tonight. it reminded me of her concert we saw at heinz hall. it’s a nice place.

hmm… maybe i’ll think about going into the ketchup industry. seems like the heinz family isn’t doing too bad.

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  1. Occupational schools, just get a degree as a ketchup worker person. 🙂 Hope you are well!

  2. Well were is the College of Ketchup: )
    I guess it would be fun to work as a ketchup person.
    I get the feeling this won’t happen.
    But there is always hope:)

  3. If your going to run a tomato based companny you need a fancy title, like direcor of tomato ketchupification management. Or something.

  4. I think you are all nuts.

    Just be an assistant at some salon… preferably a salon with the name, “Sinclair Studios”. 😉 You will probably get paid better there.

  5. You’re not eating out by yourself! You’re having a date with God! I used to do it all the time. In fact, I’d head out to Friendly’s and have a meal with God, and sometimes I’d get him a card or something. HAHAHAH!

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