my day

we drove and listened to sara evans. we drove and listened to brooks and dunn. that’s when he turned it off. we eventually got out of the car.

we walked through the woods, we sat by the falls, we talked a bit, we walked some more, we posed for a picture, we ate a bit, we laughed alot, we ate some more, we walked some more, posed for another picture, walked back, got in our cars, and drove home.

it was a lovely day.

tomorrow is her birthday.

some of the strange ways people stumble across my site:





3 thoughts on “my day

  1. Hello weese.
    Since you are the most favoritist blogger of all time
    You get my “temp fix” liknk first
    arn’t you glad


  2. Great pics! Love them so much. I had a
    really great time. Did you? I had a fun time being
    ahead of everybody. But you guys did take a
    little while to finish eating(while merrick and I were
    walking a little farther. But i did have a lot of fun: )

  3. I really like Sara Evans. Her husband is a very conservative Republican, as she is, and he ran for office in the ’04 election. Its nice to know there are at least a few conservatives in show ‘biz!

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