me some more

isn’t she purty?

you can tell i am a large part sanguine. my previous post was written 5:00 this evening when i was all down. an hour later i was in front of our grill, loving the smell of it, looking around at our yard, and loving my life. a few hours later, with my polka-dot pajama pants, my faithful hoodie, a bowl of ice cream, my old bible (i left my newer one at church this past sunday) and notebook, i loved my life even more, as i spent an evening out on our porch that i love so much.

really louissa. isn’t there something about learning to control your emotions — not letting your emotions control you?

4 thoughts on “me some more

  1. Have you ever heard the Linkin Park/ Jay-Z album? They really create some really sick musical fusion. You have to be in the mood for it but it is really amazing. Hope you had a very pleasent evening.

  2. i miss you. there is a girl on my floor with hair the same color as yours and curly wavy just like yours. she’s pretty and sweet and all the things i love about you. but she’s not you. so while i love her, every time i’m around her i miss you.

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