my weekend

– it was so cold friday night that we didn’t get to sleep until after 3:30. we did everything we could think of to amuse ourselves and distract us from the cold. we ate snacks, we had snoring contests (i don’t think i should be proud that i won), talked about The Sound of Music, the chaperones had me sing to them, and went to the bathroom five times.

– he talked about how we have power over sin. “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.” Psalm 119:11. i like that.

– there are some things that i’m just not very good at. running fast is one of them. so i don’t know why i play games like capture the flag and elbow tag. i don’t do any good. but i do have one word of advice for people like me. if your going to be stuck in jail, make sure you’re with people that you’ll have fun talking to (janet young is a must) — it makes the time go by faster.

– all of the little girls came for the first time and i brought them down to the beach on saturday. they teased me, told outrageous stories, and threatened to throw me in the water. yup, i definately had my favorite girls.

– our God is an awesome God.

– it’s amazing how you can go from a high so quickly down to a low just as fast. i had finished praying for my sister, watched as she along with so many of my favorite girls were baptized in the Holy Spirit, was feeling amazed at how much Jesus loves us, and was writing it all down when my dad came and sat down next to me, only to tell me that one of our college students had drowned that day. i still don’t know what to say.

– – – – –

the volleyball net is still set up, the blankets are still on the ground, and the kitchen still has spaghetti sauce splattered on it. after last sunday, our menu consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, and salad for the rest of the week. this week it will be pasta and red sauce. but it’s the last of those dinners. rather sad. i was getting used to having the house full every sunday. what will i do now?

my mom left this morning. we all had lessons in potsdam. miscommunication happened and i ended up waiting for my lesson, never having it, and sleeping while everyone else did. we then bought the needed violin book at northern, came home, i started teaching, and the rest started the year with fresh school books. and i already miss my mom.

i’m getting old. my brother recently told me that i’ve gotten taller within the last few years. i laughed and told him that i’ve been this tall ever since i was fourteen. he figured it was just that i was getting old. i had several old moments this past weekend. and i disliked every single one of them.

agassi lost.

9 thoughts on “my weekend

  1. what a nice long entry! overlook sounds like it was amazing. that’s great. it’s so wonderful when God moves like that. thanks for the comment.

  2. that sounds really really good. i’m happy for liana : ) you must be good at leading worship. i would kind of like to see you lead worship sometime. is there any possiblity of you going to the BASIC reatreat? i’m thinking of going. . . . . . . .just wondering.

  3. Well i’m not old enough so i couldn’t go. But maybe when i
    am old enough (if i want to go). Nobody told me for the longest
    time ever that Agassi lost. To bad. Is he going to do the USOpen again?
    I for sure don’t know. When i wake up i feel so weird, because merrick is’t
    screaming in the room. Oh yeah i remember he said ‘Open your eyes’. I did and he shined a
    flash light at my eyes. How nice of a little brother that is. Now do you like the game Capture the Flag? Or do you just not like you playing in it, because you can’t run fast enough: )

    Just Wondering: D

  4. camilla cracks me up. . . although that wasn’t very nice of merrick to do that. yeah i might not go because of money too. .. .. i hope you have good luck with finding a piano.

  5. Hi Louissa, Yes indeed God is everything that we could hope for and more. So how’s you voice? Are you going to be at Impact. I sure hope so. hmmmmmmmmm, well that’s all I’ve got. GOSH, why do you have to make me so nervous?

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