what am i spinning? nickel creek’s newest album. it’s the best ever.


Helena, don’t walk away
Before you give me back my heart
If it were mine, it would be yours to take
I’m sorry I’ve let down my guard, oh Helena

You looked so sweet
I should have seen
While I was playing for fun
You were playing for keeps

You win, I lose, is there some way
You can leave me in your debt
So my girl and I can live to die another day
On that day I won’t forget you, Helena

Helena, don’t walk away
Did you hear one word I said
Oh well, I never really liked her anyway
And I forgot her, I’ll forget you, Helena

I don’t need your sympathy
Cause I’ll always be just fine

Yeah, I’ll always be just fine
Yeah, I’ll always be just fine

3 thoughts on “

  1. Louissa, you don’t really make me nervous. It’s a joke. Sometimes when a boy likes a girl, she makes him nervous. Silly Louissa. I’m just kidding though ya see. You’re not silly, you’re just funny.


    How’s your voice?

  2. I don’t think i have heard that song. I just don’t listen to the recent album.
    So ofcourse it is good to you. I mean you are the one that brought it up.
    So you like it: )

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