you’re it.

so i’ve been “tagged” (thank you Gabriel Laramay) and figured i’d go along with it and actually play the game for once. i’ve always been the dork who wouldn’t keep the “you’ll have bad luck for a year if you don’t forward this to five of your friends within the next five minutes” going and i hardly ever filled out the “lets get to know you better” surveys that had the same exact questions. what’s your favorite color? favorite drink? how many siblings do you have? if there was one person you could meet, who would it be? say something nice about the person who sent this to you. and on and on it went.

i guess for this game i have to tell you 5 random facts about me. so let us start…

Number One: my parents named me after my Aunt Judy — figure that one out.

Number Two: i was invited to go see The Legend of Zorro tomorrow night. that’s random, right?

Number Three: my english/writing curriculum has asked me to make some life goals for the next year. goals for the next five years. and goals for the next ten years. i have two weeks to figure out the next ten years of my life. that’s fun.

Number Four: i simply adore hot chocolate the minute the weather gets cool. but it can’t have too much of the chocolate mix in — it’s gotta be just right. and yes, hot chocolate goes well with snow, but i’m totally cool with the fact that everyone else has snow and we don’t.

Number Five: i get stuck in ruts when it comes to food. the past few days i’ve eaten a peanut butter and butter sandwich for lunch. and i think i’ll go eat that right now.

so now i get to tag five people. this is the difficult part for me. do you realize that i know approx. 130 people who have blogs? and i just totally gave you a free random fact about me. that’s cheap.

my five people are: Colin Mackey, Leslie Haller, Lore Ferguson, James Harmer, and Jackie Card.

so that’s it. it was good while it lasted, but now i’m past it…

19 thoughts on “you’re it.

  1. no, i’ll tell you what random is: seeing your best friend’s new name on the internet and wondering who the heck LIZ DANIELS is. That’s random.

  2. Ha! Lore, that is so funny. I thought the same thing about Liz’s name! But I still call my best friend by her maiden name and she’s been married for almost 3 years. Old habits die hard.

  3. Allright… this just isn’t cool. I mean, I’m honored that I was tagged, but I’m totally not good at these things. Hmm…. I’ll have to think about this. I don’t like to think incase you didn’t know it.

  4. yeah, so this is why i got along without the internet all these years and didn’t mind very much. : ) so do i have to “tag” someone when i’m done?

  5. louissa – i should have suspected that something like this tagging thing was going to happen after your comments last night at church. = ) it not good to displease the xanga queen…”You need more xanga!!”

  6. louissa… this isn’t fair… I tagged you, now you’re getting all the credit for this “great idea”… somehow that doesn’t seem right…

  7. Please check your e-mail. Kara says it isn’t something you usually do. If there’s nothing there, let me know your address.

  8. hey girl!! whats up with you? school? loving friday school? haha;) miss ya’ll, i’m freezing here in ohio. school is great, busy, study,busy, boys,study,boys..hahahh;) j/k,,, but I should tell you some of my funny stories sometime….so are you all going to see pride and prejudice when it hits the theatres? ( maybe it is all ready out?) have a great day, love ya!

  9. oh, but in case your wondering,,, I am definetely not looking for guys or dating anyone,, gosh, you know i’m smarter than that!

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