apparently no one was very impressed with my five random facts. my deepest apologies. perhaps i’m not as exciting as you all once thought. : )

i know i misbehaved
and you made your mistakes
and we both still got room left to grow…

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  1. I liked yours quite a bit. I didn’t like mine. By the way, yours were random and interesting. You were named after your Aunt Judy? I’m still wondering Louissa, are we talking middle names? ( -:

  2. Lol, you silly girl, you know we were joking! (well at least I was, the only one I said was funny was the movie invite). Anyways, I’m sorry Louissa dear.

    : b

  3. i’m the girl that i’ve always disliked. and that’s not fun.????

    Why would you dislike yourself?? If you do you should make it fun.

  4. I thought they were interesting. And funny. And I was also wondering about the whole named after aunt Judy thing. I was like…. “but her name is Judy…. and yours is Louissa…. how does that work?”
    Then I thought… “Maybe it’s like a middle name thing”

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