the two spoiled girls

my beautiful baby.

she looks like her aunt louissa.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

ryan: those are cool pants. did i buy them for you?

me: no, carina did.

yeah, and they say that i, louissa sinclair, am spoiled?!


11 thoughts on “the two spoiled girls

  1. Well, well, my dear. Here you go a second time…especially since I probably hadn’t even joined the weblog community when you gave your five random facts…You’re TAGGED!

  2. well, i would have to say that i don’t know fi you look like her that much: )
    so, just keep on tryin’!
    but there might be someone near that does look like you a little: )

  3. grandma paladin thinks that she looks like me (i myself am not totally sold on that one!). but I think we all just want to look like her… don’t we? maybe it’s just that you’re both pretty. I think that’s what you mean! love you!

  4. really nice picture.

    unless saturday evening works for you then we can really seriously think about sometime next weekend. . .let me know.

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