sad stephen

“You will love, you will be loved.
You will grow up, and do so much.
You will be strong, you will be sung.
By all the mermaids. Silver mermaids…”

Was I wrong? Should I have run?
I wanted all, I wanted young
And portrait faces…I was taken.

Did I love? I didn’t care.
Did I grow up? Well, unaware.
And was I strong? And was I sung?
How do I haunt Trafalgar fog
And find I want so much, still want…

i don’t mind washing dishes as long as i can listen to duncan.

10 thoughts on “sad stephen

  1. pretty sure I called him first, but its just a thought. and just for Jacqui — “there were mermaids, weren’t there?”

  2. pretty sure seeing a post from you is one of the most exciting moments of my day. if only you knew how much i LONG for what’s going on at home.

    i just watched a movie on a tv that was sitting on the back of a pickup truck while sitting on a blanket underneath the stars with a bunch of people i really really really like.

    but it’s just not the same as washing the dishes at your house with you.

    know what i mean?

  3. yeah, i am almost the same way but i kind of can listen to anything, well inless i don’t like it or it’s slow: )
    yeah, i am the fast person around here i guess.

  4. of course, dearest. you would be most welcome.(but seeing as we’re both terrible skaters, maybe we should just stick with the boat to europe plan.)

  5. thank you. i had an awesome time at basic. i wish i had gotten to know your sister and brother in law but i like vaguely know what they look like so i didn’t.

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