16 thoughts on “change

  1. okay, y’all can stop freaking out.

    i walked into the house and merrick quickly let me know that it didn’t really look like my hair was cut. it really isn’t that different.

    she likes my long hair too much to actually hack it off…

  2. patience, my stacie dear. eventually there will be another picture of louissa posted and you’ll be able to view the more “styled” but still long hair of mine.

  3. oh, i was hoping she wouldn’t cut too much off. i still have to see the “dead straight hair and glasses look” i heard so much about.

  4. thanks nate… but for some reason brietta came up with a reason as to why i shouldn’t go with ben. : )

    and leslie – who talked so much about it? i’m very curious to hear what was said. i’ve been told that i looked like a nerd and a science teacher… what did you hear?

  5. Don’t worry everyone – I didn’t do anything crazy! Come on, how could I cut off Louissa’s hair? Actually, I did take off about 5-6 inches, but you would never be able to tell because there is SO MUCH hair left!

  6. thanks your awesome to… thanks for been so friendly. ever since i came to CFC thats all that has been happining… people are so nice and friendly and caring and it’s a big change for me i wasn’t exspecting it

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