here they be.

alrighty. so i had some pictures taken… and figured while i was at it, i’d have my sister take them and if i liked any then i could think about using one for my senior picture. i’m not sure i’ll end up using any of them, but we’ll see.

my sister wants to do it again at some point and try to get some really good ones. if we do, i’ll do a few things different.

1. more eye makeup
2. try to be more relaxed (anyone wanna come, talk, laugh, and try to get me to be real?)

and leslie, i took one with the glasses. : )


11 thoughts on “here they be.

  1. i’m like blocked from your pictures for some reason, and i haven’t had a chance to fix that yet, so you’ll have to show me some other time.

  2. heey ! long time no talk. im sorry i’ve just been really busy. i hope you’re doing well:)

    haha i dont know if you care about my input but if you’re curious i like the 2nd one with your hand on your knee. but i think i might like the pink! one more..haha just my opinion..they’re alllll lovely though..aaaugh..senior pictures..i haven’t even though about that yet;) im all worried that i’ll change dramatically before the year or whatever..actually no, i just haven’t thought about it yet..or havent had time? i dunno it stinks.

    alright but i will talk to you later. byeeee for now:) tell dan and brietta i say hey aye? niight:)


  3. i have an idea. you could set up a photo shoot thing with a fan to blow your hair! it would look cool and feel funny so you would laugh and look all good and stuff. good lighting is the secret is looking good in a picture too.

  4. Louissa, You are beautiful! I had a really good time with your sister the other day. Did she tell you about my before and after? Did she cut your hair? I reallylike the photos, and yeah- I agree with more eye make-up…but only for the photo! Have a super day!!!

  5. The photos are really fun! It is really hard to be relaxed for phots sometimes, but maybe if you bring Gabriel out with you it will help! 😉 btw, I vote for not much more makeup. I like the fresh natural look that you have in the photos.

  6. those pics are great!
    i like the one with you in the field and the one with the glasses,
    and i think it was the second one that i like, i don’t really remember which one i liked: )

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