to louissa from washington.

hi friend.

i never did write you and tell you all about myself. seems you found me by searching your own name on google. who knew that there would be another louissa out there and a link to her website would be first on the list? here’s a bit about me, louissa sinclair.

my full name is Louissa Elaine Sinclair. my aunt judy’s middle name is Elaine.

i know one other girl with my same name. her mother was at my birth. but they spell it a little different. i do believe they like it this way: L-U-I-S-S-A.

i am seventeen, a senior in high-school, and don’t have my license yet. i do have good news though. i signed up to take a test yesterday. now all i have to do is pass it.

i have one father and one mother. i have six sisters and two brothers. i have two brother-in-laws and a niece and nephew. i simply adore my family.

all of us, except for my one brother who is in college, live in the same small town that has one diner, one bank, one gas station, one market, one bar, one park, and three churches. i’ve lived here all my life.

my father is the pastor of one of those churches. my little world revolves around church activities, and most importantly, Jesus, my Savior.

i don’t like riding on bikes.
i don’t like running.
i don’t like blueberries — well, really any berries.
i don’t like cold wet days when i have to go out.
i don’t like drawing.
i don’t like the game monopoly.
i don’t like vaccuming.

i do like reading.
i do like italian food.
i do like walking.
i do like lilacs.
i do like having my hair brushed.
i do like theatre.
i do like the day march 15.

there. a bit about me.

10 thoughts on “to louissa from washington.

  1. washington like east coast or west side?

    on a similar note, i found a girl on facebook named jamie lynn sinclair. at first all i knew was tha our first and last names were mutual, but i contacted her and found out that we share a middle initial. cool, eh?


  2. Hey,

    March 15th? Thats a pretty crazy day to be born. A good one no doubt but a crazy one, it wasn’t the hottest day for Caesar but a great day for us.”Beware the ides of march.”

    *I bet you have prob heard that a couple times ;).

  3. natro — i actually talk about it more then others. i’m the one whose always mentioning the fact that my b-day happens to be the ides of march and the day caesar was killed. i’m not sure why i’m so proud of that.

    and j-rad — it would have been sweet. i’d share a birthday with my sis. : )

  4. and who is this girl that you are talking to and are telling about?
    oh and let me guess…..march 15th is your birthday, and that is why you like that day so much!
    i don’t blame you at all though….i like my b-day too: )

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