a terrible buzz

i’m never drinking coffee again. i feel so terribly sick to my stomach and so dizzy that the idea of throwing all of this caffeine up suddenly sounds like the best idea ever.

i’ve been thinking about a few things and was going to write about them, but i think i’ll wait until my dizzy spells stop.

i feel horrible. i’m telling a friend that i can’t go with her tonight to a concert. my “to do” list is too long and my stomach is telling me to stay put for the evening.

oh well.

16 thoughts on “a terrible buzz

  1. Dear Louissa…

    please forgive me for getting carried away last night.

    It’s called a.d.d.
    and sleep deprivation.

    your definately a very joyful person. Thanks

  2. I guess not.


    My comments were, that.

    Please forgive me, from the depths of your heart for acting like an a.d.d. victom.

    I was extremely tired and went baazerk. So Thanks for forgiving me.

    And my secong comment was. And both of these are very serious. I’m not joking.

    You have the greatest laugh ever. Your laugh makes me laugh. So gosh… could you teach me. Or record your laugh for me on tape. That would be my favorite worldly gift. Well yeah worldly, cause your laugh is not really eternal.

    Ok, this is great. Thaks Louissa.


  3. Louissa, I am convinced that someone poisoned your coffee. Coffee is a divine beverage with blessed attributes and wonderful side-effects. Barfing is a side-effect of poison. Now, reconsider your newly forged position and try a cup of MY coffee. See you soon. Joe

  4. well it doesn’t sound good to me, but i don’t think i would even try to write a post if i were dizzy: )
    but if i were right next to you i would just say,
    ” go to bed now!”. i wouldn’t ever say it that mean or anything but i might think of doing it sometime: ) jk!
    have you been running much?!?!?!?!? i know, that’s your
    favorite question of the year: )

  5. I just saw your pictures, and they are all beautiful! May I make a suggestion, though? I noticed that you are looking up at the camera in each shot. I suggest the camera be either pointed straight on, or slightly upward toward you. I think it will give a better angle for such an important portrait–your senior picture!

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