moi and the new hair

alrighty. you’ve asked and i always do what people ask of me, so here it is.

the “old” do:

and now, the “new” do:

the Lord has used these pictures to convict me. i think i’ll be remembering my retainers from now on.

a picture with some sisters.

12 thoughts on “moi and the new hair

  1. Louissa, I’m sorry. I did not mean to critical of your hair.

    I really do like it. I just was a little shocked.

    you look a ton older.

    Not unbaringly old though. Ha.

    Yeah, it’s gooood.

    Its all about the love.

    and Ben and I both got a kick out of.

    You saying that your new hairdo has “grown” on you.


    You are rather hilarious.


  2. I couldn’t believe you were getting rid of your beautiful hair! LOLove was good place for it. My sis did that. The new do is nice and quite sophisticated. When I saw the 1st pic, I thought 2 things…not that it matters what I think, but here they are…. the 1st pic I saw i thought to myself that your eyes look softer w/the longer hair and the 2nd was that you look like a lot like Carina now and that you look like a cross between Carina and your mom. The picture confirmed that. The 2nd pic I said oh..the soft eyes are back and you are still one beautiful young lady!

  3. it’s so much better than the old hair cut….. so much better. you can see your features so much more cause there isn’t a ton of hair to get in the way. i like it a lot. by the way, you’re teeth are not that crooked. jeez.

  4. Wesley was horrified. I think I like it the new cut better, although you can pull off pretty much any haircut and make it look good. 🙂

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