baby was born!

little jackson edward paladin was born this afternoon at approx. 12:50.

he is perfect in every way — only the most adorable baby ever! he has reddish hair (well, the little he has is reddish) and he has pink (quite pink) skin.

i’ve kissed him and held him and decided that nothing in the world is better then having three babies. it’s simply delightful.

10 thoughts on “baby was born!

  1. Hey this is your “stalker,” hah Keith is nuts lol. But yeah I did know that Brietta was in labor as well. I looked on her site too…lol. So anyway, on the way home from Church today Keith and I were chatting about you and he came up with the idea that you should make mugs with the old and new hair style on them and then we also decided t-shirts could be nice too and sell them on your site! We could always help out if you needed…lol. So anyway we’re goofy thinkers. So see ya at church next Sunday. God Bless!

  2. Hello you and the baby, i couldnt find anywhere else to write a note but i have one for you so here it is. my name is Louissa too i’m 14 and i live in England, Derbyshire. i thought it was quite cool the you have the same name and spell it the same. how did oyu end up having a two ss in it.my parents just decided they didn’t want a z sound so they put ss instead. email back if you can thanks louissa

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