more about baby

jackson edward is 8 lb. 4 oz. and 21″ long. that seems small to me… imagine that.

i have some pictures here.

and just because i can’t help but think about me all the time, i wanted to post this. : )
a picture of me with one of my favorite people… we both got our hair done on the same day.

10 thoughts on “more about baby

  1. I do believe I am the first person who will be leaving a comment! Sweet I am fast now at this…you all are so popular that I have to hurry so I am not 101. lol. Anyway your not self involved just because you have your own site and you post a couple pix of your old and new hair do! Bye

  2. Here I go again – I think that you would need to write “8 lb. 4 oz.” What you have recorded would imply that he is “8 and 4 tenths ounces”.
    Just me being a picky mom – again! 🙂

  3. glad you said you corrected it, b/c I kept trying to figure out was wrong w/what you wrote…but you already fixed it. Thanks for the update and the nice pics!!!

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