as i walked by the little yellow house i figured i’d drop in and say hello. i then realized that daniel’s mom was supposed to come today and i wondered if she was there already (i’d hate to interrupt on her first day here). i kept walking wondering if i should go in or not and then decided that i could at least peek in the front door and see what was going on inside.

as i walked up to the door, i slipped on the ice and fell right on my back. i got up, looked in the door, saw mrs. paladin’s stuff, and walked away laughing at myself, wondering if anyone had seen me, and hating the house for having so many windows. you see, it doesn’t matter if you’re known to be a bit of a klutz and everyone knows that you’re bound to slip and fall on ice a few times every winter — everytime you do fall, you find it funny but also a bit embarrassing.

anyways. so i ended up not going in and walked the rest of the way home with a soaked and muddy backside. a rather amusing picture.

but it was a lovely walk. it is so warm and completely wonderful out. you really should take a walk as well.

9 thoughts on “falling

  1. you always make me smile Louissa!

    I thought of you the other day. I was standing in the library with Video #1 of the Pride and Predjudice series from A&E. Didn’t end up getting it this time, but I will tomorrow and I’ll let you know what I think of your Mr. Darcy!

  2. You should have stopped in!!!! Chances are I was sleeping (because I napped between 3 and 4), but I always love to see my sisters. I only wish you guys came over more!

  3. 🙂 falling is never fun.

    it was beautiful out today, but alas i didn’t get the chance to get out for a walk. hopefully it will be similar tomorrow.

  4. I did that same thing last winter and I laughed at myself. Hoping that someone did see me and that I made their day!

  5. A life lesson to learn…if you fall down, get up and try again…sounds like you gave up and went home…hmmm, not too impressed.

    I acutally fell the other day. I fell on Main Street in Canton. My dog pulled me and I lost my balance on the ice, resulting in a termendous fall. Unlike Madrid, it was Canton where there were actually people that saw the pittiful scene.

    I on the other hand got up and tried again, and a successful walk ensued.

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