8 thoughts on “six more weeks.

  1. Darn you Ryan. I read this entry and thought about leaving that comment. I don’t have time so I leave and when I come back, you allready made the comment.
    Well GoshDarnit

  2. brietta, i’ll help you log out when i go to your house tonight. : )

    as for the other “louissa” from TN — jason, are you still logged in as me?

    ryan and james — i guess i was going for a more subtle pun. figured i’d see if anyone got it (obviously you did). : )

  3. oh, I was trying to figure out how (except by the wonderful invention of media?) Louissa cared, or knew, the temperature in sunny Tennessee. J, you should log out. But it was sunny and lovely today. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get snow though. . . so Phil was right after all.

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