well now, i do believe the Pittsburgh Steelers won last night and i was very happy. i’ll leave it at that.

i held my precious baby jackson for the entire second half of the game. he slept soundly and only stirred when his aunt louissa’s cheering got too loud and crazy. i love him so much. i am a blessed aunt. can you believe that i’ll have a little dunphey niece/nephew in eight months?

he asked me to lead a song last night. and i drew a blank. a worship song? what worship song do i have memorized? this would be the second time he’s asked me and the second time i’ve done the same thing — hand the job over to someone else. afterwards i was told, “you’re supposed to always be ready.” i know, i know. do you think that i wasn’t kicking myself over the whole thing? next time…

i like playing the role as the biggest sister. after lessons and errands, we ran to the Field’s and i bought muffins for the way home. see, i try to make things fun.

i guess this is the thing to decide, so i figured i’d jump in.

forget steven mackintosh, colin firth, and hugh grant, i’m going to marry him:

i’m seeing a pattern here. have i ever mentioned the fact that i really like england?

i’ll sit and wonder of every love that could have been,
if only i could have thought of something charming to say.

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