now that i’ve totally confused all of you. the actual date of my birthday is march 15. we’re celebrating early because we wanted to do it when she was around.

keep your birthday wishes until the 15th. : )

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  1. No way! That is my Grandfather’s birhtday! that is so cool! Wow! Only he is going to be a lot older than you! I really don’t like math or else I would figure it out for you!

  2. You know what’s so funny? It’s that I knew that…for some reason I have remembered that for all these yrs…when I signed up for something on that day, I said out loud “that date sounds awful familiar…” well then I was rdg about your bdays being in March (you and Danica) and I said to myself…oh yes, that’s why that day is so familiar…b/c it’s Louissa’s bday. 🙂 I can’t believe I’ve remembered it and have kept it on my mental calendar for about a month now…wow!

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