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i’ll be graduating this june (i know, shocking). we are selling space in our yearbook for “personal congratulatory notes” for people you love (for example, me). if you’re interested in buying a space, let me know.

or, if you own a business, you can buy a space for an ad.

we’d love to get your money.

: )

4 thoughts on “pictures

  1. yeah, i was hoping that my mom and dad would put a page in the musical program for me, but they decided to put one in for something else instead. *sigh*

    and you know how much free time i’ve had lately, right?

    well i just volunteered my time to help put this 50+ page program together. it’s going to take forever!

    yup, i’m crazy. :p

    how much is it?

  2. hm.. okay. what’s the most expensive??

    they put an ad in for SLODAC. it’s my mom’s group that promotes organ donation. yeah… it’s a good cause, but i would still like a little recognition! :p well, actually, i shouldn’t complain at all becuase mom’s schoolhouse wrote something to me in their ad. i guess i know who my real mom is! (totally kidding… actually my mom was the one to say that! go figure. haha)

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