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i’ll be graduating this june (i know, shocking). we are selling space in our yearbook for “personal congratulatory notes” for people you love (for example, me). if you’re interested in buying a space, let me know.

or, if you own a business, you can buy a space for an ad.

we’d love to get your money.

: )

4 thoughts on “pictures

  1. yeah, i was hoping that my mom and dad would put a page in the musical program for me, but they decided to put one in for something else instead. *sigh*

    and you know how much free time i’ve had lately, right?

    well i just volunteered my time to help put this 50+ page program together. it’s going to take forever!

    yup, i’m crazy. :p

    how much is it?

  2. hm.. okay. what’s the most expensive??

    they put an ad in for SLODAC. it’s my mom’s group that promotes organ donation. yeah… it’s a good cause, but i would still like a little recognition! :p well, actually, i shouldn’t complain at all becuase mom’s schoolhouse wrote something to me in their ad. i guess i know who my real mom is! (totally kidding… actually my mom was the one to say that! go figure. haha)

  3. Your hairstyle is very becoming on you! Beautiful pics and I like the ones you took of yourself as well! What fun!

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