Street after street was lined with quaint beach houses. An assortment of colors graced their sides and they all boasted a view of the ocean. The little yellow house we rented for our week long vacation was but a five minute walk from the beach and we found ourselves strolling along the windy roads to get our feet wet several times each day. We were lulled to sleep and greeted each morning by the salty smell of the sea, the sound of it rising high on the shore, and it’s crashing against the rocks found in its path.

Day after day was spent climbing those rocks, biking along the coast, and walking the beach while the sun turned our cheeks pink, the birds in the sky kept us company, and the sparkling blue water beckoned us on. We had no responsibilities and no set schedule. We were able to relax and enjoy time together. For one whole week, we pretended that we were doing something we’ve always wanted to do: live in a peaceful setting, surrounded by the ocean.

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