when i grow up

i don’t know how people control themselves when they have a camera in hand. if i’m with someone else i’m fine…

but the minute it’s just me, i end up goofing off and getting very blurry…

…perhaps someday i’ll actually grow up. then i won’t take silly pictures of myself (and i most certainly would have more common sense then to post them on the internet for all to see), i won’t say that one of my favorite drinks is chocolate milk, i won’t have a strange paranoia about riding on a bike, i won’t do strange dance moves while baking in the kitchen, i certainly won’t ever say anything stupid, and i definately won’t let the outcome concerning american idol affect (or is it “effect”) me so.


21 thoughts on “when i grow up

  1. and who got voted off? the website had NOTHING!

    (i stayed home, sick. i think i got carina’s thing. my throat and head are killing.)

  2. I can’t believe that Ayla went and Melissa stayed. I mean, Ayla wasn’t good–but Melissa was way worse.

    And the guys?!?! Don’t even get me started. Kevin and Bucky are so bad, and Gedeon was really rather good, I thought. Grrrr…

    If the show is going to be this frustrating from here on in, I might not like it as much as I’ve anticipated!!!!

  3. Gedeon was pretty cocky, but he had more talent than Bucky.
    In a way I’m glad he went. I’m pretty surprised Melissa stayed on. What’s up with that?!
    At least Katharine stayed. I hope she wins.

  4. Gedeon has more talent than most of them in his little pinky. Unfortunately I think the “likeability” factor was not in his favor. It obviously is in Kevin’s favor, since talent most definitely isn’t.

    And, as you see in the above sentence – definitely – with two i’s in it – no a. Just a reminder!

  5. Oh, please! If you have to do all those things to be grown up–then please! never grow up!

    Maybe I’m not so grown up after all … I still do strange dance moves in the kitchen (ask Justin) … and still say stupid things.

    (By the way, “affect” is the correct word)

  6. when you get over your bicycle paranoia then i’ll feel like i have to too. i mean, who else but us would be afraid of something so stupid? =)

  7. those pictures are great!!

    yeah, my favorite meal is grilled cheese and chocolate milk.

    and i love goofy pictures!

    hey- do you want to go to the norwood-norforlk guys and dolls musical tonight? brit g and brit rourke are the two girl leads. we could give you a ride if you wanted to come. 🙂 i’ll give you a call when i finish my french powerpoint.

  8. Ace and Chris are the best for the guys. Mandisa, Paris and Kellie are the best for the girls. Nice pictures! Growing up is not all it is cracked up to be, but it comes in handy if you ever plan on getting married.

  9. SO FUN! I had chocolate milk and mac and cheese for lunch today. When you have kids is when you realize how kid like you really are, and hey you can actually act like one too and have fun! YAY!


  10. Hey
    Just thought I’d comment and see if you’re actually watching Idol…(Gosh I hope Carina doesn’t read this =))
    I mean I think I watch it because I have to know whats going on– I’ve talked to friends and other people and absolutely hate the show! But have to now whats going on… Well if it makes any differene I only turn it on when the people I like come on…..(Mandisa, Ace)… Although some others have great voices(All obviously better than mine) I like Ace, and I love Mandisa’s Consistency(Sp?)
    p.s. Carina if you read this– Please forgive me! You’re still my Idol!

  11. i’m sooooo bummed. I have watched american idol twice—-because i’m at school and don’t have the time to watch it. how much does that completely stink? I’m also not as thrilled to watch it without the Coles,the people we would watch it with):

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