blue steel #2

my sister is a crack up. she came up with derek zoolander’s version of D.A.R.E.


another sister’s comment about my previous entry was, “stop making all the mother’s cry.” so i’m done with depressing “i’m growing up posts.” i really am excited for what the Lord has for me in the future. change is always a little bitter-sweet and i seem to make a habit of dwelling on the bitter parts more than the sweet ones.

my bad.

7 thoughts on “blue steel #2

  1. Edible?
    That confuses me greatly….
    I stick with the classic PBS style “I’d rather eat bugs than do drugs”
    Ha ha….
    I tried using that as a tell off line in second grade… everyone just stared at me…. I guess it wasn’t as “Cool” as I thought it was. I should have had Julia’s advice back then… maybe I could have been a little cooler.
    Oh well.

  2. does she even know what D.A.R.E. really stands for…and only knowing the “D” for “drugs” (drugs like caffine that she is addicted to…tehehe) does not count. sheesh! what a public schooler wanna be!

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