i’m still here

whenever there is a lapse in my writing, it’s not because i haven’t been doing just that, but it’s that i’m pulling a Joe Fox move.

write. backspace. write. backspace. etc…

it was happening again today and i’m not sure why. perhaps i have that dreadful writer’s block. or i could try to blame it on tiredness (although i just took the most solid nap ever) and a lack of inspiration. but whatever it is, i’m stuck and i’m writing this. i figured i’d let you know that i’m not totally ignoring you. i’ll write again someday.

6 thoughts on “i’m still here

  1. Personally, I think it’s because you have so much going on in that crazy mind of yours, that you don’t want to let us in on what’s really going on in there 😉

  2. That is alright. As long as you comment on my site and make me feel like people like me. lol. Your so funny and fun! Anyway, thanks again for the pix! Your awesome! Have a great week!


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