i’ve had an aching head for the past four days. to try to relieve the pain i’ve taken naps, pain reliever, and rubbed my head. nothing worked.

today it finally clicked. i hadn’t had my normal cup of coffee every morning. i quickly brewed myself a cup, drank it, and my ache was gone.

i do think i’m addicted.

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  1. I woke up late one day and didn’t get any coffee at breakfast and spent the next two hours moaning till I found a coffee shop (Which was in a Wal-Mart so it was slightly frightening but the pouding in my head made me thing without reason). Out of all the addictions, this is the most interesting. (-:

  2. Your excuse…”Well- I grew up on it”…is lame. Totally lame. I grew up on MTV but I don’t watch it now. You just wanted to make yourself sound justified. I bet you could have downed a nice tall glass of water and gotten rid of the ache just the same. I’ll be praying for you about this. And Julia- well she’s just as bad off as you in this area- maybe worse! Are you laughing? I hope you’re laughing! P.S. I’m off to wash down a big mocha brownie with some hot java. What? I just like the taste!

  3. i want to tell you about something funny concerning addictions with coffee and chocolate. its kind of wild.

  4. well ym dad had the same problem..and what eh ahd to do was onyl drink like 2 cups everymornig like he does and he started drinking tea during the day instead of coffee and that made all his headaches go away couse he like had all kinds of medical pill for it and then they said to start drinkign tea instead of coffee during the day, but in the morning is fine.. lol :

    im glad i dont get headaches =] ilove coffee hehe

  5. hm. i just emailed you actually. maybe i’ll include it in my next one. but i think i’d rather just tell you than write it. 😉

  6. I do half to say that I drink coffee and have tried to stop and I have had a pounding headache for the past few days.. time to get off the coffee… Hope you do not mind my poping in.. its nice to meet Women of GOD… God bless your day.. Praying your headache doesnt return…

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