urban #2

who is this person who has hair that is so entirely cool? why, it’s keith urban!

now i do realize, as mary stated in her comment, that thinking he has the coolest hair is all just a matter of opinion. as it stands, that’s my opinion. more pics here.

and because i’m such a vain thing and said that my hair was pretty sweet yesterday, i figured i’d try to find a photo. unfortunately, my family doesn’t love me enough to take an individual and good shot of me. this was the best i could come up with.

and another thought. why is it that we always take family shots on easter? people are always lacking sleep and looking rather pale since they’ve been shut inside all winter long. oh well.

11 thoughts on “urban #2

  1. i think his hair is pretty sweet. i guess it could be a matter of opinion, but really, some things are just cool and you can’t get around it. stupid people just don’t know what’s cool and what isn’t. 🙂

    your hair was pretty sweet, too.

    oh, and i’ll bring Home for you sometime.

  2. I think that people like taking family photos on Easter because that is the time where everyone is wearing something great and everyone tries to look their best! You all were so nice looking! We didn’t take family photos though! Sad! We will have to on Hayla’s first birthday and maybe continue as she grows! The hair thing is kinda cool. I miss new highlights…I want more too. It makes hair so much better looking. I wish I could find someone good to do it, I have a problem though when I am not in Buffalo. Plus price is ALWAYS an issue. Anyway see ya Sunday! Have a great week! Write anytime!


  3. Hey,
    I uh……. kinda don’t enjoy idol anymore…. Not that you’d care in the slightest, but just wanted to say that.

  4. Ha ha… I must say. I find this comment stream quite entertaining. More so than the entry.
    I personally think that his hair is a cheap immitation of the 1998 Will Friedel/Eric Von Detten look.
    He would be cooler if his music was as good as his hair.


  5. wow. judging from that picture, i never would have guessed he was a country singer. he kind of looks like darren hayes from savage garden. you’re right, he DOES have cool hair. but shhhhh, if my sisters knew i’d admitted that i’d never hear the end of it.

    *cough cough* country’s terrible and all country artists vile. there we go.

  6. I think family pic’s are taken on Easter cause everyone has hot new outfit and there hair is all done hot.
    Well I have to say i don’t like the guys hair to much. It looks good on him and all but i’m just not a fan of blonde hair on boys.

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