walks, dogs, and letters.

i’ve taken a liking to walks in the evening. monday night i ignored the posted signs and went to my favorite place. i told myself that it would be one of my last visits since i can never justify trespassing, but as i saw the sparkling pond and green grass i couldn’t not wander down to my spot. i stood and looked into the bright sun as it lowered and felt like my little world was just about right.

last night i walked to my other favorite spot, the cemetery down the road. the sky was orange and pink and the clouds were amazing. it was so perfect that it made me wish for things i shouldn’t be wishing for.

i’m terrified of dogs. i’m not sure why since i’ve never actually been attacked by one, but i hate them. i don’t mind dogs if i know the owner and am somewhat familiar with the animal, but living in a town where people let their dogs roam free (which is technically against the law), i’m petrified. i’ve taken too many walks and have had dogs start barking and charging my way followed by a frantic owner yelling, “NO!” yes, these stupid town dogs have really ruined me.

if you’ve written me a personal email recently, i’m sorry that i haven’t responded. i’ve been busy and will continue to be busy for a bit. don’t worry, i won’t totally ignore you. you’ll be getting a letter back soon.


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