third person

i know, louissa has been going beyond her comfort zone recently. when she went shopping a few days ago with her sister, she actually spent some time looking through different knit shorts because she’s decided to keep running this summer. this would be the third time in her life she’s ever looked in the sportswear section.

then this afternoon found her outside with her youngest sister and brother playing baseball. well, it was more like batting practice since it didn’t involve bases or running or even catching for that matter. she was the pitcher, her sister and brother took turns hitting and then she had the bat and her sister was pitching. after hitting several fly balls that would have been easily caught had she been playing a real game and even more foul balls, her brother stated in awe, “wow. you’re the bestest hitter. you should be a real baseball player.” to which her sister replied sarcastically, “yeah, she’d do real well with the running from base to base.”

she really should’ve known. she’ll never live down her pathetic running abilities. just because she’s not a little speed demon… goodness.

7 thoughts on “third person

  1. crack! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! and it’s a line drive to center field…. going…going… (wait it seems she is refusing to run the bases, that’s really going to hurt her average jim) gone and the relief runner steps in to get the team a point.

  2. A recent Newspaper clipping:

    “On the evening of April 19th, 2006 the body of James Harmer was found dead twenty five feet down the road from his house. The suspected cause is excessive use of energy, death from being over-exhausted. He tried to run… ha ha, the loser, he should have stuck to playing guitar.”

    Incase anyone’s worried… no, James is not dead. In fact, I am James. This whole thing was a joke. I don’t think it’s neccessary to inform most of you of this… but some of you, I don’t know.

    ; )


  3. haha..thanks..i enjoyed your easter pictures as well and your hair looked adorable:) looked/probably still looks!

    aaah i have not talked to you or seen you in awhile..what is uppp? how is your school year wrapping up? ttyl:)


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