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  1. You being gone so long made me almost forget to comment and read your site. I am all caught up now. It sounds like you have a very eventful life, must be nice. So how are you now? Anything new in Louissa land? lol. HI HI HI HI HI…haha.


  2. i think that sunday sounds like a lovely day to get together with the girls. (i just checked my schedule) 🙂 if we went for a walk ya’ll could help me study for my AP Bio exam monday morning. haha it’s going to be pretty funny. i really know nothing when it comes to biology. :p

    well, i suppose i need to add two more tallys for jared and steven. how many am i up to? 20 yet? haha jk. (….sorta)

    tonight was fun. love you!

  3. I totally took those pictures! Photography…I found my new career…forget this engineering business! Just kidding. But I did take some really cute pictures of your mom and that sweet little boy. I am sad that he will get really big while I am gone this summer. I guess I will just have to visit often. Have a good summer. And don’t worry all you Sinclairs (that I know will read this) I love you gals and I will be up often :).

  4. Oh my goodness. Is it okay to miss home so much that it aches in places where nothing else hurts? No matter how settled in I get down here, how content I am to live here, and how appealing spending the rest of my life in Chattanooga is, all it takes is a small glimpse of home to remind me of where I belong.

    I guess God designed us that way on purpose. So that way we’d always know we belong in heaven.

  5. oh my goodness!
    is that really my own nephew?!!
    he must be related to the sinclairs some how!!!!
    hahahahaha……..he is going to be popular with all of his aunts and uncles showing pictures of him, the adorable cutie.
    and i wish we had more pictures of gabriel and bronwyn of when they were little cute babys!! awwwww, i wish we saw them more so we could have pictures!!!
    were silly, way to silly!!!
    he is going to thank you for posting pictures of him……all of us!!
    i don’t want him to be a toddler, and then a little kid, and on and on, or bronwyn to grow out her cute german talk, or gabriel to stop being the most adorable three year old that loves drums!!

    wow! longest comment i have ever posted!!
    i am way to….something!!

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