do me a favor. go to your phone and dial either of these two numbers:

1 866 43657 01
1 866 43657 06

thanks. : )

8 thoughts on “yamin

  1. is that elliot? i can’t believe i keep having to work or something ridiculous like that and miss american idol. 😉 mom taped some of it… did you guys tape it? i’ll call for you- they’re all pretty amazing.

    what do you think about sunday?

  2. I did vote for him. But I voted for Katharine more. Her first one kinda flopped, but the second was awesome.
    I’m betting on Chris, Katharine, and Eliot in the top three. I just hope America has some sense. 🙂

  3. next weekend is Mother’s Day and Vision. hm… perhaps thursday night? (a week from tomorrow) haha All my weekends (and weekdays) are getting kinda crazy looking… aghhh!! :p i really want to do a get together though. it sounded like fun.

  4. That is so funny- I had both of those numbers written down, and tried to call last night, but grew tired and went to bed!

    Go Elliot 🙂

  5. *I’m boycotting the show.

    You need to play volleyball next time, it is one of thee most beautiful and freeing sports known to mankind. It develops the mind and body. Yuhlp. I hope you are sold and you will give it a try. I think you will love it.

    Take care of youself


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