unlike some of you, i came to a certain conclusion a long time ago. and it’s this: i’m not perfect. i know, it’s hard to really see but i’m not. i don’t always do the right thing, i say things at times that i shouldn’t, and Lord knows that i don’t think perfect things. really, i’m not better than any of you. disappointing, isn’t it?

here’s one of my major flaws: i emotionally respond to things. my poor mumsie usually takes the brunt of this since she’s the one constantly telling me when things change, aren’t going to work out, or that she signed me up to do something again. and then as quickly as the bad response i get over it and am fine. so frustrating.

my back is pink. i spent some time gardening this afternoon. that means that i was actually outside for longer than a quick walk. it was lovely.

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