more girly things

my mumsie said i should post this picture. proof that i’ve always loved things pink and girly.

“tea time” with the little sinclair girls. and of course, because we were so old at that point, we actually had real tea and cookies. so much more fun than using the pretend stuff all the time.

like the “back in the day” photo? check more out here.

3 thoughts on “more girly things

  1. It was good to be there! What you shared last night really made me think about some stuff. Thank you.
    And did I ever tell you your one awesome person !!!

  2. Heck, who needs the hallmark channel. Thats Hallmark class right there. then Again, the national gallery of Art Might get first dibs on it.

    In words of english speaking humans.

    Thats one totally rediculously awesome picture!!!!!

    Brings back some of my own memories. Ha


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