friday night

as i flipped the chocolate chip pancakes (i spoil my kiddies when i’m in charge) she came in and said, “this is me being bored by your web-log.” for those of you who need a translation, that means, “i can’t believe you’ve not really written in a bit. talk about boring your readers.”

sorry. prepare yourself to be bored a bit more. this won’t even mean much to some of you.


due to two things, julia will be cancelling the meeting tomorrow night. NTC’s 25th anniversary is this year and they are having special meetings tonight and tomorrow night. CFC wants to support them and make these meetings a big deal. julia will also be flying a red-eye flight and will be pulling into madrid sometime in the afternoon. yeah, talk about exhaustion.

alrighty. more “louissa bears her soul” will be coming soon.

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