tonight and tomorrow

i spent the evening in a nursery i wasn’t familiar with, at a church i was at… well, a few years ago, and surrounded by little faces i didn’t recognize. that’s right. i was a nursery worker.

there were four of us — four of us from my church and two little girl helpers from the church we were at. soon into the evening i had the most darling little girl with curly blonde hair permanently attached to me (actually, by the end she was able to move around the room without me holding her). there were a few animals that we played with and i showed her the different sound they make (you should hear my pig sound). in the mix of farm animals there were a few dinosaurs. i picked up one with a wide mouth that resembed a ducks. i placed it in front of the girl (oh, the mother of this girl grew up going to my church so i felt a little more at ease) and said as i played with it, “this is where the duck came from. you know, this is what the duck evolved from.” i glanced up to see the two little helpers, who i still don’t know names for, staring at me. i quickly said to the 21-month-old who can’t really talk, “well, you know. evolution really isn’t real.” i felt totally cool.

i have a hot date tomorrow. that’s right, you read that correctly. and now i have all your heads buzzing wondering who Louissa Sinclair could be going out with, right? oh, man. i know you so well. i’m going to be nice and tell you because i love you so very much. i’m going out with… her. ha. gotcha. and it’s not actually a date. i have to go to watertown to meet up with my parents and julia and bring them the rest of the way home, she offered to come along with me, and you know how i can’t refuse a pretty face.

anyway. this is all just a bunch of fluff. sorry.

6 thoughts on “tonight and tomorrow

  1. Ha ha…
    It makes them feel cooler if you call it “Kid’s church” instead of Children’s Church. I remember when I was little and wanted to go up to the next level of Childrens church…. that is until I found out that eventually you can’t go and play with blocks and toys, you have to sit through the Sermon. And I just didn’t have the ability(Ok, maybe the willingness) to listen until I was 15 or 16… so it wasn’t too cool.

    I used to draw pictures in church after I was too old to go to childrens church…. Ha ha, that was pretty lame I guess.


  2. i haven’t heard your pig’s sound, but i have heard bronwyn’s. she did it for me when i was reading a book with her once. you see, i rather like to “permanently attach” myself to your niece when i’m working in the nursery. 🙂

  3. It was fun, Louissa. How in the world did I miss your lesson on evolution though? Oh, must be I was chasing someone away from the light switch! 😉

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