not hemingway. not yet.

he said not to write about my personal life but rather life and the experiences in it.  i’m not sure i can master that right now — i just woke up and i’m far too selfish to not write about me.  i was just handed a computer and told to write my “award winning blog for the day.”  people see far too much when it comes to moi.

i’m a simple girl with simple dreams.  last night i said far too many grand things.  i talked about traveling and becoming a professional blogger.  we talked about photography and capturing something other than just my group of close friends and family.  i walked away with my heart full of dreams that i hadn’t allowed myself to think about for quite a bit of time. 

but that’s what happens when you spend an evening with your favorite person (pictures of this group of close friends will be up soon).  he wants to see the best for us so he asks questions and at least acts interested in the response that’s given.  he laughs at my silliness and the fact that i’ll always squeal.  i wear his big linen jacket and he says things that make the wheels in my head start turning and i’m sure that that’s the point.  all i know is that it doesn’t matter what he ever says, i love being with him and am happy that he agreed to meet up with us during our stay on the Island.

the only bummer about seeing people is that you have to say goodbye. 

i don’t like that.  at all.

2 thoughts on “not hemingway. not yet.

  1. It all sounds like so much fun. And I’m sad I missed it; especially sad to have missed a chance to hang out with Mark; it’s been so long.

    I’m glad you write about it, because it gives me a chance to almost imagine that I was there.

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