One thought on “check ’em out

  1. i am totally bummed out now looking at those pix! I wanna be there now…i almost cried when i saw the pix. I know i had like no friends in P-Dam but hey i will miss the people i like to see ecery week (you and your fam, the remingtons, the daniels…etc.) It is sad because we don’t know anyone and we are back to square one with church finding. The biggest fear I have is to be forgotten, you know, out of sight out of mind! Well you all may be out of sight to me but surely you are never out of mind. I think of you all OFTEN. It is just sad. I pray we find friends. Oh well sorry but I did LOVE the pics…I just wish I were there too! Oh and don’t take Potsdam for granted, you will miss it when you are not there! And think I only lived there a year.


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