“i shall conquer this.”

i know i usually impress all of you with how old and mature i seem, so please pardon my sounding so very eighteen for a moment while i say something so very young.

my sister colored my hair even more today and it looks hawt. that’s right, it’s not just hot — it’s hawt.

but anyway.

we had just watched a movie all about a man facing his fears and conquering the world when we decided to start our trek home. alright, so it’s not quite a trek. it’s more like a short stroll down the street, but trek did sound better, didn’t it? he had ridden his bike down to the yellow house and i reminded him to bring it home with us.

it was late and the roads weren’t very busy (alrght, are they every busy here in madrid?). the moon looked sad and rather yellow and i was fine with the idea of walking back home, but no one ever goes along with what i want. he said he’d hold the back of the bike while i tried getting on it and then walk beside me so i wouldn’t fall. i freaked and asked how i’d stop it and what’d i do if a car was coming. he assured me that i’d be fine and started me up. my heart started beating at a fast pace and i gripped the handles a bit too tightly. i started pedalling and he started running beside me. i giggled — that silly annoying giggle — that showed i was a bundle of nerves. but i made it down the street and down another. have i told you yet that i haven’t been on a bike in a few years because i’m ridiculously scared of them?

he’s now planning biking trips. we’re going to massena on some free saturday. that is, after i get my own bike and stop getting off the bike everytime a car is coming.

but i thought it was rather good of me. at some point i need to get over my freak paranoia’s. now it’s your turn.

11 thoughts on ““i shall conquer this.”

  1. it would seem that with all the time you’ve spent at my house since returning from spain, i would have had more “hanging out with louissa” to show for it. my kids are luckier than i. 🙁

    whenever it cools down, we’ll have to have a fun night doing… uhhhh… something. maybe girls get ice cream while daniel watches kids?!?! yeah–that sounds good!!!!!!

  2. You’re right, Louissa…people who write that something is HOT or hawt don’t typically write ‘the moon looked sad’ in the next parargraph. But it’s OK that you had a bit of a teeny-bopper moment. And you sounded a LOT like my husband (who- by the way- would never be caught describing the moon, let alone as ‘sad’)!!! Are you following me here, Louissa? He had MARIAH CAREY SINGING WHEN YOU LEFT I LOST A PART OF ME IT’S JUST SO HARD TO BELIEVE COME BACK BABY PLEASE CAUSE WE BELONG TOGETHER on his cell (ringing at the Clarkson President’s house where he was installing pretty much all of the kitchens, baths, & misc. cabinets!) I’m telling you- it’s very embarrassing! Not for him, but for me! And he says I shouldn’t wear pj bottoms to P&C because he owns his own business and everyone knows I’m his wife! So- the moral of the story is either that A.) I’m jealous because I don’t have a cool ringtone or 2.) Pop songs AND pj bottoms are both OK for people who are 30! Which do YOU think it is? And by the way- my head is practically spinning off today so don’t cross me by getting the wrong answer! P.S. Do you like chocolate?

  3. bri — you got yourself a date.

    lisa — your husband is super cool so he can get away with that ringtone. and as long as your pj bottoms are pretty darn cool as well, i think you can pull it off.

    and yes, i simply adore chocolate.

  4. so i can’t do anything tomorrow anyway. but have fun with kara. i’ll be at the sound of music on friday. maybe i’ll see you then.

  5. Louissa,

    Is there a picture of your “HAWT” hair coloring? I wanna see it too! Plus I wanna give my vote of “HAWTYNESS” that is funny.


    I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

  6. hey louissa!

    well, i leave in a few days and i just thought i’d let you know that i am going to miss you 🙁 good luck with the Germany Bible school thing. i will see you on sunday to see your new hair 🙂 luv ya!

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