frustrated, first day, long time.

this is me, a very frustrated louissa. this is me after spending… well, far too long on this MAC, uploading photos, resizing and ridding them of red eye, only to realize that apparently i don’t know what i was doing and nothing worked. this is me with my very nice camera by my side with a very full memory stick full of pictures from a very memorable weekend and first day here on the Island, and unable to show you any of them. and yes, i’m frustrated. i, the “nothing-ever-phases-her” girl am completely annoyed. so much for being brilliant.

we walked on the docks and little boys let out “oohs” and “ahs” at the sight of all the boats while a proud daddy/papa held their hands and pointed things out. the rest of us tagged along enjoying the smell of the sea (i love that fish smell) and our hands getting moist from the air. we stopped where some were fishing and curious little minds looked and asked questions, we stopped and took pictures of the sinclair girls all together, and we stopped after our walk through the town to go back home.

i didn’t want to leave. as she put it, “there’s just something about being near water.” it’s amazing. i stood there with everyone else looking out tonight and i felt so at peace. i felt ready to do whatever it is He asks of me and ready to give what He may ask of me. it’s not often that my love is so strong that i whisper the words, “take what You want. nothing that i desire compares with You.” oh, i’ve said them before and have urged others to do the same, but i don’t think i’ve ever meant them like i did tonight.

i’m missing my brother and wishing that he had been able to come.

and that’s all. my sister is once again wondering what’s taking so long. one thing i do know is that if i do go to germany, six months will be a long time to be away from my sisters. sisters really do make the best friends.

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  1. I am sorry about your lack of some type of skill to work with your camera. But hey I can’t blame you, I would be the same way. That is why I pray that Keith doesn’t die anytime soon or I will be stuck with pix on the camera forever! lol.


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