the house is quiet, lights have been turned off, and most are in bed asleep or quickly heading in that direction.  obsessive that i’m here?  perhaps, but the white MAC sitting on the corner table in the kitchen seemed all too lonely here by itself.

i found myself on the road thursday night.  at 12:30 a.m. i found myself in the drivers seat making my way to a city that i’ve gone to regularly for the past few years.  the townhouse is there and the creek that stinks so badly.  they have starbucks and large movie theaters and every lovely store like Talbots Outlet.

today i sat in the passengers seat and was in charge of the cd’s and navigation.  three of us found ourselves in the busy NYC with cars all around, police officers who weren’t very helpful, and can you believe it?  not enough maps.  i found that i do better with navigating when my ear is glued to a phone and is listening to a person who is sitting in front of a computer.

so i’m here, in another familiar place.  i grew up coming here and visiting the sea and the city and i’ll do it again this week.

my sister whispers to me, “are you done yet?”  my cue to go to bed.


3 thoughts on “travel

  1. *I’m sorry you didnt have enough maps, you should have printed the whole continental US as apposed to the eastern half. :). I am glad you made it safe.


  2. hey girl!!! i think thats almost unbelievable that you didnt have enough maps..lol…but i understand with construction and all, awesome time this weekend, i loved it all!! so great to hang out with you!


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