– pardon my so unprofessional entry for the night

i know i started this trip out by saying that i might take a break from writing and so far, i’ve never been more consistent doing just that, but i really can’t help myself when every night people are in bed by midnight and if i’m to have fun with pictures and such, this is the time to do it.

so for this evenings entertainment…

i remembered that i needed to bring the sea to you, so a few pictures of our day at the beach. unfortunately it is just a few pictures. i have officially run out of space for this month.

and (sisters, please don’t hate on me too much) some videos! they really aren’t all that entertaining — just shows you what we do when we’re in a car. and of course both include some… shall we call it, “music”? if the sound is off at first, close the browser and click again.

keith urban and alison krauss

and carrie underwood should totally use this picture for this song. or maybe i’ll make a card out of it and send it to everyone before i leave. : )

and don’t forget to remember me…

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