pictures of random things

lovely girl turned twenty-two today.

i know there are some rather comical things about the north country (like the out-of-towners i saw looking at the Mall Directory in Massena today). i know that at times, for convenience sake, it’s not the greatest place to be, but it is rather lovely.

so i’m a crazy girl. because i think i can get away with this:

and then i go out and buy a whole buch of very preppy clothing.

then my mom suggests i get these boots:

and i laugh and think, “what? me in those?!” and i say, “how ’bout these?”

and after all that i wonder about the hat and ask why such a preppy conservative girl is wearing a hat off to the side to begin with. they just don’t mix. but anyway… so yeah, just know that when you see me wearing that hat with my GAP jeans and cable-knit sweater, you can laugh.

i know i do.

One thought on “pictures of random things

  1. *You should mos def consider boots, a lil’ lower profile ones though, a more casual pair rather then the utility feel.

    *I think europe needs a lil’ urban, that might just be your calling, let’s face it L: Once you went black, you can never go back, no lie. :). Give europe some flava’.

    *I have a niece, (some excuse for my odd mood :))



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