child and grown up

i was cleaning out my “school shelf” today and found a folder full of drawings, clothing designs, and a story. i got a kick out of a few of them… it’s proof that a child’s imagination can be quite creative, but at a certain point it stops.

two drawings from when i was ten (they were part of a series of pictures):


for larger views of them, go here.

things went down-hill from there. here’s an unfinished sketch that i had to do in art class this past year:

not only are her hands broken, but her face is trying to be pac-man 2. there are a few things that i should just stay away from — art being one of them.

oh, and i’m supposed to ask. a certain boy i know is looking for a queen size mattress. anyone who has one, contact me or my mom or him.

5 thoughts on “child and grown up

  1. awwww….when im your age ill be doing this too…only i won’t put them up on my site (if i ever get one) cause they are going to be a lot worse:)
    I like em’ a lot!! And you got a new flickr…i new you would run out of space sometimes;)

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