different things

i’m used to eight hours of sleep every night and here i get on average, six. i think it’s slowly catching up to me.

my school used to consist of reading a textbook, answering questions, and writing papers. here i sit and listen to five “sermons” everyday, taking frantic notes, knowing that i’ll be tested on what i’m listening to. they will certainly be interesting tests.

the internet is going tomorrow. and for some reason, when he said that, i immediately missed my family. i wasn’t thinking about the fact that i’m looking at pictures all the time, reading the different blogs, and keeping up that way. oh well.

i have my first travel weekend in november to plan. have i ever told you that i’ve never planned any traveling on my own? i’ve never purchased a ticket on my own and i’ve never booked a room on my own? i know, i sound rather pathetic since i rely on my family so much. but it’s not such a horrible thing, is it?

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