yesterday at lunch, steve announced that regular internet will be leaving us at some point today (i don’t really understand why i can get on this morning). every student has a school email address and we use a program like Outlook and we’ll always be able to use it. they gave us internet for the first few weeks so we’d have time to forward email addresses and let everyone know about our address change.

every afternoon, from 1:00-5:00, two computers will have web access so that we can check banking, purchase tickets, and use it when we really need it. every other computer will just have our email accounts.

so to answer the question that was asked, you can email me at two different email addresses:


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i found myself climbing into my top bunk and looking at the shelf that’s above my bed. i have my two pictures and other odds-n-ends up there and then i noticed something else. there was a name carved into the wood above the bed and guess what her name was.

Sabrina. and she was here in 2004.

i thought that was rather fun.

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some things make me smile so big, even while my eyes are tearing up.

i do miss home. an incredible amount.

because this browser is lame and won’t let me use links for some strange reason, just click on “brietta” in my long list of people (she’s right at the top and is proud of it). you’ll then understand why i’m saying all this.

i miss my princess baby.

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