so yes, they must lie to us students in order to stretch us or something because this post is not coming through an email to a sister and having her post it. i, louissa sinclair, am on “the web” even though i’m not supposed to have access to it. i don’t know what’s going on.

i never thought i’d say this, but i’m getting behind in my emails. if you’ve emailed me and i haven’t emailed you back, forgive me. you can call me a lame loser or something like that and i’ll get back to you in the next few days. for now, accept my posts as a mass email to everyone and yes, i see your comments. i set it up so i get all the comments through my school email address.

today found me an hour and a half, by train, away from school in a small city near Switzerland. it’s old and lovely and we spent three and a half hours wandering the curvy streets, looking at old churches, and drinking coffee in the coolest coffee shop ever. with the small shops and a cafe on every corner, i really felt like i was in europe today. it was rather fun.

we were told that it was a great place to shop but everywhere my friend and i went, we found a bit over our price range. we saw Lacoste (little alligator store), went into a store that was sold all Diesel clothing and accessories, and one of our last stops was into a store that had a Vogue plaque on the side of the glass door. my friend and i looked at each other and wondered if we were supposed to go in. we did, followed by a few more girls, and we found ourselves whispering as we walked around because it didn’t seem right to talk out loud in that specific store. besides the saleswomen, we were the only ones in there and the cheapest item in the store was 300 euros. that’s a lot of american dollars.

i tried on two winter jackets. i fell in love twice and realized that they were both overpriced. i saw the plaid one first and tried it on even though i knew that it was over 100 euros. the second was black and very euro looking and was once again over 100 euros. i have expensive tastes and no, i didn’t buy either.

there was a big band on the street playing broadway tunes. we sang along and i found it rather stange to be listening to Beauty and the Beast in europe.

i would get into the speaking in tongues thing right now, but someone is in line for the computers. it will have to wait for another time. all i can say is that it will definitely be interesting. i found myself talking to two people about it today as we looked at a very old catholic church today. i’m not pushing my beliefs onto anyone — i’m just answerering questions that involve my saying that my church is spirit-filled and i know many, including myself, who speak in tongues. yeah, it’ll be interesting.

4 thoughts on “touring

  1. Wow, you’re busy!!!

    That speaking in tounges situation, is totally awesome.

    They’ll probably all be filled with the spirit by the time you leave.

  2. I tried emailing you but got the mail returned… sorry! I’ll try to rectify the address and writing you again! Love you!

  3. Yeah, our quiet, gentle Louissa just may turn the school upside down as they all get zapped with Holy Spirit power this semester! Cool!

  4. I’m so glad you still have internet access! Sometime soon I’m going to write you a “rea’ letter, because it was so much fun to read the one you sent to the family. We’ll see if my little guy cooperates enough for me to tidy the house, do laundry, AND write a letter. He’s pretty distracting, you know! Sitting and watching him is my new hobby!!

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