i’m starting to realize why so many say Germany is the most beautiful country they’ve ever visited. these people love nature, simplicity, and beauty. the broom is not just something used in the kitchen — it is also used for the outdoor world where there might be brick or cement on the ground. around homes you’ll find that every space that has dirt has flowers planted and even now, in october, there are flowers in bloom everywhere. i’ve found nature paths along the lake that everyone uses — including women in business suits and heels coming home from work.

i’ve never been good at decisions. i have a travel weekend once a semester and before i came i automatically assumed i’d go and visit liz (she’s located on my list of links) in italy. in the past two days i’ve received invitations to visit paris (ooh-la-la) or austria. oh my. i don’t know what to do…

we have another guest in. he grew up in Holland and will be sharing out of 1 Peter this week. this place is amazing.

i know, boring post. sorry. just wanted to keep you updated.

2 thoughts on “tid-bits…

  1. Not at all boring. In fact, I broke into a smile just imagining how wonderful it all must be. I am blessed that you are blessed!

  2. I’m glad to hear that Germany is so beautiful. I’ve never heard anyone talk about it … but since I’m 50% German, I’ve always wanted to visit.

    I’m reading. And smiling too.

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