sainta nick and you don’t come quick

they were whisperings of a possible visit from St.Nick late last night.  we all reminded each other to put a pair of shoes outside our door and went to bed.  he did visit and we each got a little bag of goodies.  i love St.Nick and love our personal St.Nick from Bodenseehof — it was rather dear of them, wasn’t it?

i came back from the shower this morning and to the horror of my roomate was singing/rapping a song created by my genious sister and brother-in-law.  it’s all i can think when i hear someone say, “Saint Nick.”

there are twinkle lights all over school, paper snowflakes and dried fruit, a very large advent wreath in our lecture hall, and our own tiny christmas tree in the open lounge.  this all makes it feel a bit more like christmas for me.

or maybe it was seeing these pictures that made it really feel like christmas time.

2 thoughts on “sainta nick and you don’t come quick

  1. I got your letter. It was the brightest part of my day. I miss you.

    (It may have come a while ago… It’s been almost a week since I checked my mailbox…)

    I’m so glad you’re coming home soon!

  2. i get such a kick out of googling your name, clicking “i’m feeling lucky,” and knowing i’ll (of course) end up here. i mean, who else would dare to be louissa?

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